Little Teeth are a Big Deal

Woodlawn Kids Dental weighs in on kids dental health. (Source: Parents, Kids Dental Health: Making Little Teeth a Big Deal, by Parents Editors, February 2, 2015, ).


Whether you’re a parent or a guardian, having kids means you’re always busy, and it’s easy to overlook their dental health. There are many advantages to ‘catching them young’ and creating a schedule of dental checkups early on. “Optimal oral hygiene is great, but parents can get a clear idea about their kids’ oral health needs and risk levels only through dentist visits,” says Woodlawn Kids Dental.

Establish a dental home by your child’s first birthday

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry highly recommends a dental home, an early relationship between the parent, child, and dentist by age one. According to the AAPD, first dental visits are educational, providing parents with tips and tools on kids’ oral care for healthy smiles. Moreover, your child will grow accustomed to the dentist’s chair and understand that going to the dentist’s office is nothing to be afraid of. “Dental anxiety affects kids and adults alike. Establishing a dental home by age one paves the path for positive dental visits in the future,” advises Woodlawn Kids Dental. A children’s dentist is highly recommended because they focus on children’s unique and special needs. They provide gentle care and make your child comfortable during their dental checkups.

Avoid missing early signs of tooth decay

Cavities are common in children. The AAPD finds that by age five, at least 60% of kids have had at least one cavity. Paying good care to your kids’ oral care and limiting their intake of sugary drinks and snacks go far but don’t guarantee that your children will be cavity-free. Cavity-causing bacteria can be transmitted to children from their mothers and other children. Suppose your child chews on a toy that another kid with an untreated cavity may have had in their mouth. In that case, there’s a chance of bacteria-causing cavities colonizing your child’s mouth and causing decay.

“Busy families can easily miss early signs of tooth decay,” says Woodlawn Kids Dental. “Say no way to tooth decay with timely oral care from a professional.”

Preventing cavities by following the dentist’s advice will save your child from dental pain, which can make chewing and talking difficult. They won’t have to suffer poor sleep, upset tummies, or trouble playing and learning. By giving your kids oral health due attention early on, you will be helping their development, quality of life, and happiness.

Partner with a good children’s dentist

A pediatric dentist can be counted on to establish strong oral care and dental habits as your child grows. Find a children’s dentist near you. Check the reviews received by the dentist regarding the quality of kids oral care and the rapport they establish with their toddler clients. Visiting a dentist who delights kids with dental goodie bags is always fun. Your child will likely be more receptive to someone who makes them feel special. As the relationship grows, they will both appreciate and follow the kids oral health advice their dentist shares.

You’re an equal partner in your child’s oral health. Making time for regular dental checkups is the single most crucial action you can take. “Outside of a good oral care routine for your kids, a dental home will set the stage for good oral health care throughout their lifetime,” says Woodlawn Kids Dental.

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