It’s Time for Your Child’s Dental Cleaning in Guelph – Here is What to Expect

It’s time for your child’s dental cleaning in Guelph, and you’re probably nervous about what that entails and how it’ll go. Here’s an overview of what a children’s dental cleaning in Guelph entails and what you can expect from a reputable children’s dentist in Guelph.

Let’s take a look!

A dental checkup is critical to ensure your child’s oral hygiene and health are at their best. A thorough examination will take less than an hour and provide significant benefits.

During the visit, your children’s dentist will take the time to make you and your child feel comfortable. They might even tell your child what they will do, how it will feel, and what to expect.

They will begin with a dental checkup and review of your child’s oral health history. Your children’s dentist in Guelph may even take some quick pictures (x-rays) of the mouth. That is to ensure the teeth and gums are healthy, and there are no cavities or abnormalities the naked eye can’t detect. The whole thing is painless.

Next, they will examine your child’s bite and perform an intraoral soft tissue exam of the gums, tongue, mouth, and throat to determine they are within normal limits.

Parents are advised that their child starts with regular dental visits as soon as the first tooth erupts and every six months. A dental clean, however, won’t be necessary until several visits later.

The squeaky-clean process

A children’s dental cleaning in Guelph involves several steps, all painless, thanks to the specialized instruments the dentist will use. Once the x-rays and soft tissue examination are complete, the final step is cleaning itself.

The first step in a children’s dental cleaning in Guelph is to remove plaque, which is a hard substance that accumulates on teeth. Plaque and tartar, if not removed, can cause tooth decay and cavities in your child. Your child’s teeth will be gently scraped clean by the dentist without causing any damage to the tooth itself, which is done painlessly with a curved tool.

The teeth are then cleaned with a spinning tooth polisher. This is typically done with a deliciously flavoured toothpaste. Your child’s dentist may even allow them to choose their favourite flavour. Each tooth will be flossed and polished gently, and the dentist will ensure your child’s comfort throughout the procedure.

The dentist will examine each tooth individually during the cleaning process. They will also teach you proper brushing and flossing techniques that you can teach your child or use on them if they are too young.

Finally, the dentist or assistant will book your child’s follow-up appointment.

You won’t leave empty-handed

One thing is sure: a children’s dental cleaning in Guelph always concludes with a delightful treat. That is typically a goody bag containing a toothbrush, floss, toothpaste, and possibly a fun trinket or stickers. Whatever it contains, you can be sure that it is age-appropriate and will make your child smile – a sure way to get them excited about their next dental checkup in Guelph.


When you know what to expect, a children’s dental cleaning in Guelph is nothing to fear. You can expect your children’s dentist in Guelph to take extra measures to put your child and you at ease during the procedure. Regular dental checkups can ensure any problems are detected and corrected as soon as possible.

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