How a Dentist Protects Their Families Oral Health

Kami Hoss has pointed out some valuable tips for parents to better manage their kids oral care. Let’s see what Woodlawn Kids Dental has to share as well. (Source: Parents, I’m a Dad and a Dentist: Here Are 8 Ways I Protect My Kid’s Teeth, Kami Hoss, DDS, MS, July 23, 2020, ).


Kami Hoss, DDS, MS, has made relevant points when addressing kids oral care. Kami Hoss explains that not having a proper plan to take care of your kids oral care will lead to cavities and crooked teeth. Woodlawn Kids Dental agrees, “Tooth decay is more often caused by various lifestyle and environmental factors like consuming sugary foods or sodas. If you don’t teach your child to brush and floss regularly, the bacteria from the food can cause cavities.”

Consider Breastfeeding for Babies

Kami Hoss points out that doctors often forget to mention kids oral health benefits from breastfeeding. Woodlawn Kids Dental agrees, “Breastfeeding is beneficial for kids oral health. Breast milk contains antibodies that help fight the harmful bacteria that cause cavities in a baby’s mouth. In short, breastfeeding benefits kids oral health.”

Avoid Night Feeding

Kami Hoss explains feeding the baby at night to make the baby fall asleep is a bad idea. Woodlawn Kids Dental agrees, “It is a bad idea because the leftover food particles develop bacteria in the mouth that can cause cavities. Since baby’s enamel is thinner, cavities erode the enamel quickly, leading to pain and discomfort.”

Discourage Thumb-sucking

Kami Hoss explains that thumb-sucking can weaken the teeth. Woodlawn Kids Dental supports this point, “Any children’s dentist will point out that persistent and vigorous thumb sucking can sometimes push your baby’s teeth out of alignment or can affect the jaw. So, discourage thumb-sucking.”

Choose Quality Toothbrush

Kami Hoss recommends a quality toothbrush for maintaining proper oral care. Woodlawn Kids Dental agrees, “Getting your older kid a quality toothbrush and a brush that matches the kid’s jaw size is essential. Also, remember, the bristles should be gentle, so they don’t destroy the enamel while brushing.”

Teach Them How to Brush

Kami Hoss refers to a crucial point that every child needs to learn how to brush. Woodlawn Kids Dental agrees, “It is essential to teach your kid to brush correctly. Parents should emphasize brushing in the front, back, top, and bottom of the teeth. They can also show a video of a children’s dentist performing the proper way of brushing.”

Avoid Buying Over-The-Top Toothpaste

Kami Hoss warns purchasing any over-the-top toothpaste brand can be harmful to oral health. Woodlawn Kids Dental agrees, “The oral microbiome living in the mouth comprises good and bad microbiomes. Good ones protect the mouth. When toothpaste contains excessively strong ingredients, it can kill good bacteria, leading to oral health problems. Always consult your pediatric dentist when choosing oral care products for your little ones.”

Limit Sweets

Kami Hoss suggests parents restrict giving food that contains sugar. Woodlawn Kids Dental agrees, “Excessive intake of sugar can cause tooth decay. After your kid eats a food item that is loaded with sugar, the harmful bacteria absorb the sugar and produce a form of acid that causes cavities. If you allow your child to consume sugar excessively, your child may have to visit a children’s dentist for a dental checkup more frequently than the average two-times-a-year visit. To keep the sugar intake at a minimum, be sure to read the nutrition and ingredient labels on snacks and beverage items.”

Teach Nose Breathing

Kami Hoss suggests teaching kids how to breathe through the nose, which will help in shaping the jaws properly. Woodlawn Kids Dental supports it, “In nose breathing, the mouth is closed, and the tongue is in an ideal position to help the jaw grow correctly. As a result, the teeth grow in the right places.”


Kami Hoss and Woodlawn Kids Dental have pointed out some beneficial tips that, when followed correctly, can benefit your child’s oral health. From considering breastfeeding and discouraging thumb sucking to limiting sweets, all these tips help in maintaining proper oral health. They not only protect from cavities but also help in shaping the teeth’ structure properly.

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