Common Dental Issues Found in Kids

Aching teeth, bleeding gums, loose teeth, tooth decay in children, or other dental issues are part and parcel of childhood. This does not mean that you can overlook the seriousness of these in your little one.

Research shows that dental problems can affect a child’s learning and emotional well-being. Addressing these issues in time effectively is as critical as proper kids oral care.

Here’s a quick primer on the kind of common dental problems:


Cavities and tooth decay

Tooth decay in children can happen even with an infant whose first tooth is just beginning to emerge. This is how cavities form. Bacteria in the mouth that love feeding on sugars left behind form clusters. The clusters form a sticky layer called plaque over the teeth. These bacteria keep producing acids that break down the teeth’ enamel and result in cavities.

Preventing tooth decay in children and cavities is easy when you take your little one in for regular dental checkups from the age of six months. Professional dental cleaning by the dentist is effective in removing plaque that simple brushing cannot dislodge.


Suppose your active toddler has had a fall recently, resulting in facial injury. In that case, you may find a tooth turning discoloured a few weeks after. Typically, this happens due to trauma to the tooth that has damaged the blood vessels leading to it. No amount of kids oral hygiene and extra heavy brushing will immediately bring the tooth back to its original state. Usually, it gets better on its own in a few weeks.

If you find a discoloured tooth that is not improving, watch for signs of pain or swelling. This will tell you whether the tooth is getting infected. Schedule a dental checkup soon so your dentist can assess the damage and do the needful.

Tooth sensitivity

A very common problem, sensitivity can even arise due to excessive, harsh brushing. Other reasons could be some damage to the tooth that has exposed the nerve endings. Sometimes, decay also causes sensitivity. A quick kids oral care appointment at the dentist should tell you why the tooth is sensitive and what can be done about it.

Gum disease

Improper or ineffective kids oral hygiene routine is the most common cause of gum disease. Allowing plaque to build near the gum line gives the bacteria access to this sensitive area, resulting in gum infection. If left unchecked, gum disease can destroy the bones supporting the tooth and cause tooth loss. In the early stages, this is called gingivitis, which may manifest as bleeding gums.

Regular dental checkups and scheduled dental cleaning are simple ways to prevent this kind of outcome.

Orthodontic issues

Genetic factors may cause your child’s teeth to be misaligned. Other factors can cause orthodontic issues, meaning the child’s teeth are not perfectly aligned. Whether the teeth are too widely spaced or the child has an overbite or underbite, these can affect overall tooth health, jaw alignment, and other aspects. An orthodontic appointment by the time the child is around seven years of age helps address these problems correctly.



Kids oral care done in a timely fashion helps avert some dental problems and prevent others that can affect the child’s quality of life. Diligently schedule dentist appointments for your child, wherein simple procedures like dental cleaning can keep a host of issues at bay. Add to this a proper kids oral hygiene daily routine, and you can bid goodbye to your child’s teeth problems!

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