Is My Child a Candidate for a Dental Sealant Treatment in Guelph?

A simple way to prevent cavities and the associated toothache and infections is to layer the teeth with a plastic coating. Both children and adults can benefit from dental sealant procedure in Guelph.

For children, in particular, the dental sealant procedure is beneficial because it is challenging to ensure they follow oral hygiene habits correctly. Poor brushing or flossing can lead to the build-up of food debris in the grooves and pits of the teeth, leading to cavities. The dental sealant prevents this.

What is a dental sealant procedure?

Your children’s dentist may advise you to opt for a dental sealant procedure if your child is unable to manage good brushing techniques. This is also a good option if it is tough for you to ensure the child’s oral hygiene for some reason.

Typically, children in the age group 6 to 14 are prone to cavities. The sealant can help most at this age. Even younger kids who have deep pits and grooves in their teeth may find this very helpful. Keeping baby teeth cavity-free and healthy is necessary to ensure they last until the permanent teeth emerge in the perfect positions.

The dental sealant is a thin plastic coating. Your children’s dentist in Guelph applies it like paint to the teeth’ surface. The coating is hardened by means of a special light. The thin coating settles into the grooves of the teeth and covers them completely. Now, food particles cannot get stuck there and slowly deteriorate, leading to cavities.

This resin coating is applied to the back teeth, in particular, as soon as they emerge. These are the teeth that young children often fail to clean correctly, leaving them prone to cavities. The sealant can last for up to ten years, and over this period, it protects the teeth from deterioration.

Why your child may need a dental sealant procedure in Guelph

If you are told about dental sealants during your child’s dental checkup, you may wonder if your little one really needs it. Here’s when this procedure is recommended:

Cavities and a repeated history of cavities

Suppose the child has too many cavities or a history of developing cavities too frequently. In that case, they are a prime candidate for a dental sealant procedure in Guelph. The cavities could be in their baby teeth or permanent teeth.

Thin enamel

Some children have very fragile tooth enamel. The enamel can quickly break down if the teeth are not kept perfectly clean and clear of debris. Since this is a challenge with young children, the dental sealant procedure is a great solution.

Eruption of molars/ pre-molars

Your children’s dentist in Guelph will tell you that these teeth erupt during the prime age for children to develop cavities. Suppose the dental checkup shows that the child is unable to manage adequate oral hygiene or is prone to cavities. In that case, the children’s dentist may suggest the dental sealant procedure in Guelph.

Deep grooves

Some children have deeply grooved teeth, even as infants. A pediatric dental sealant procedure is an excellent solution to ensure children do not develop cavities from food remaining in the grooves.


There is no cause for worry if your children’s dentist in Guelph recommends a dental sealant procedure after the routine dental checkup. This is a way to protect your child’s teeth for the long term until they perfect oral hygiene techniques. As your children’s dentist will tell you, the procedure is painless, simple, and has no side effects to be concerned about. Contact Woodlawn Kids Dental today to learn more about children’s dental sealants.

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