Tumbles and Falls for Toddlers- What You Need to Know About Chipped Teeth

Accidents are part of an active childhood, and despite you exercising utmost caution, your little one may sustain tumbles and falls quite regularly. Even in a child-proofed home, some of these can lead to injuries. If the child hits their face or head, one of the possible injuries is chipped or broken teeth. Here’s what you should know about such a dental injury that can, at times, warrant emergency dental treatment.

Always inspect a child’s mouth after a tumble or fall

Most importantly, remember to always check inside the child’s mouth when they have a fall. The child may not be able to convey that they have a dental injury. If you can’t spot any injuries outright, keep on the lookout for signs of hidden dental damage that may begin to manifest in the coming days. These could include swelling, a change in the colour of the tooth/teeth, or pain in any area of the face. Apart from this, tooth pain, jaw pain, bleeding from the tongue, gums, cheek, or teeth, or breathing and swallowing issues can also indicate oral damage.

If you can see that a tooth has chipped, find and remove the broken part so the child cannot swallow it accidentally. Store it in a little container of milk while you are taking it to the dentist. They may be able to reattach it. If you can’t find the fragment and you fear the child may have swallowed or inhaled it, bring the child in for emergency kids’ oral care.

A tumble or fall may not always be the cause of a chipped tooth

Chipped teeth are not always the result of falls. When the child is developing motor skills, they may face plant into the wall while walking. Some kids even hit themselves in the face with a toy or another object. Such unexpected dental injury can necessitate emergency dental treatment.

Apart from falls, even damage to tooth enamel can make the tooth weak enough to chip away at the slightest pressure. Enamel erosion in children often happens due to prolonged exposure to acidic foods. Proper kids’ oral care, especially before bed, can help reduce the risk.

Tooth decay in children is another big reason for weak teeth that chip easily. With tooth decay, a cavity is created in the tooth that can indicate the infection goes deep. Emergency dental treatment is essential to save the tooth in cases of tooth decay in children.

When a child has protruding upper teeth, there is a greater risk of dental injury. Parents must be extra careful with preventive measures with such children.

Action plan and treatment

When your child has taken a spill and injured their mouth or teeth, the first thing you do is to remain calm and collected. Your child calms down quickly when you present a confident, in-control air. Make sure you always have your pediatric dentist’s number at hand and ensure they offer emergency 24/7 treatment options.

For a fall that has resulted in some pain but no visible damage, try using a cold compress against the gum area to suppress pain and swelling. A warm salt water rinse is recommended to keep the infection from taking over the injured area.

Sometimes, if the tooth is damaged severely, child tooth extraction may be the only way to prevent further damage to the mouth and reduce the injury’s impact. Child tooth extraction can be a simple process with all the medical advancements we have today. In fact, for severe cases of tooth decay in children, when the root and pulp are damaged, child tooth extraction may be the way to curb and clear out the infection effectively.


To summarise, every parent must ensure proper kids oral care so that the child’s teeth aren’t weakened by enamel erosion or tooth decay. When the little one has an accident, do check the mouth and teeth for hidden injuries and keep watch on the symptoms for the next couple of days. If the child complains of severe pain or you can see a badly damaged tooth or the child cannot bite, head to the emergency room of your dental clinic immediately.

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