Why Your Child May Require Sleep Dentistry in Guelph

A visit to the children’s dentist is often fraught with anxiety for both parent and kid. Many children refuse to come to their dental appointment because it is so scary for them. Pediatric dental sedation in Guelph may be the lifesaver in such situations. When your child needs urgent care from a children’s dentist in Guelph but they are terrified of the dental procedure they have to undergo, pediatric sleep dentistry may be the way to go.

Pediatric dental sedation reduces the child’s anxiety safely and quickly so that they can undergo dental procedures without feeling any fear or discomfort. Overall, pediatric sleep dentistry in Guelph makes the whole procedure stress-free for all involved. Also, when a complex and high-precision treatment is needed, keeping the child still and cooperative by means of sedation or sleep dentistry ensures better treatment outcomes. The following are three situations where it may be used:


Lengthy or noisy dental procedure

The noise of the dental drill or other equipment used by the children’s dentist can be intimidating for a little child. Often, the child may be fairly relaxed at the beginning. But if the procedure is a long-winded one, they may be unable to remain still or patient. This especially happens if they are nervous about the equipment being used. Pediatric sleep dentistry is a good option in such cases. With lengthy procedures that require the child to be still and calm for more than 15 to 30 minutes, pediatric dental sedation may be the only way to complete the treatment successfully.

Dental anxiety or fear

Even adults fear the dentist, so it is no surprise that pediatric sleep dentistry in Guelph often becomes a necessity. Your friendly children’s dentist in Guelph may choose pediatric dental sedation in Guelph to ensure your child is not traumatized by fear during a complex and long-drawn dental procedure. The use of pediatric sleep dentistry or pediatric dental sedation ensures the child is not aware of the procedure as it is done. This keeps them from developing a deep fear of the dentist that can deter them from even coming for regular checkups.

Young in age

A child too young to understand the necessity for a dental procedure may need pediatric dental sedation in Guelph for even quick procedures that need patient cooperation. This is especially important when the dentist has to carry out high-precision treatments.

Different pediatric dental sedation methods

Depending on the child, their state, and the treatment required, the children’s dentist may choose one of the following sedation methods:

Oral sedation

The child stays awake with this oral or nasal sedation methodbut they remain relaxed and unafraid.

Laughing gas

A nasal hood delivers nitrous oxide and oxygen, which curb the sensations of touch, hearing, and pain throughout the duration of the treatment. Sometimes the child may not even remember what happened at the dental clinic.

Pediatric sleep sedation

This is general anesthesia, and it keeps the child asleep through complex, painful procedures that can take longer. This may be administered through IV medications.


Your children’s dentist in Guelph may recommend pediatric sedation dentistry to give your child a more comfortable, fear-free, pain-free dental treatment experience. Usually, pediatric sleep dentistry in Guelph is used for complex, long-winded treatments that can have better outcomes if the child is relaxed and completely cooperative. Talk to us at Woodlawn Kids Dental to learn more about sedation dental work and how your child can benefit from it.

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