Your Babies Teeth Need More Attention Than You Think

An article by Dentistry & You has raised critical points about children’s oral health, emphasizing the imperative need for diligent dental care right from a young age. The piece titled “No Fooling: Baby Teeth Really Do Deserve Special Care” provides an overview of issues such as tooth decay, cavities in primary teeth, and the impact of untreated tooth decay. We at Woodlawn Kids Dental wish to highlight the importance of these insights and delve deeper into the implications they carry. (Source: Dentistry & You, powered by Dear Doctor Magazine, No Fooling: Baby Teeth Really Do Deserve Special Care, 04/01/2016, ).


Dentistry & You’s article rightly points out that tooth decay is an infectious disease, in fact, the most common chronic disease worldwide. Commenting on this, Woodlawn Kids Dental notes, “It is of utmost importance, and we cannot emphasize enough, how vital it is to understand that tooth decay isn’t merely a phase children go through. It’s a serious health concern that can have far-reaching consequences if not addressed promptly and effectively.”

The article also quotes an alarming statistic from the CDC, revealing that about 23% of children from the young age of 2 to 5 years are observed to have cavities in their primary teeth. In response to this, we at Woodlawn Kids Dental wish to highlight that “Preventive dental care, such as regular dental checkups and professional dental cleaning, can significantly reduce the risk of cavities. By teaching your children  oral hygiene habits, you provide a strong foundation for happy and healthy smiles.”


Furthermore, the Dentistry & You article emphasizes that children who develop cavities in their primary teeth have a higher likelihood of experiencing cavities in their permanent teeth, which can lead to a plethora of dental problems. As children’s dentists, we at Woodlawn Kids Dental concur, adding, “The health of primary teeth can directly impact the health of permanent teeth. Thus, children’s oral care requires as much attention as adult oral care, if not more.”

The article goes on to share and cite the CDC again, stating that 20% of kids ages 6 to 8 years old have untreated tooth decay. From our perspective at Woodlawn Kids Dental, “This statistic is a wake-up call. Parents must recognize the signs of tooth decay and seek timely professional care. Remember, regular dental checkups play a key role in early detection and treatment.”

In the event of untreated tooth decay, children may experience pain and have trouble eating, speaking, and focusing on schoolwork and other activities. Woodlawn Kids Dental stresses, “The impact of oral health issues extends beyond the physical discomfort. It can profoundly affect a child’s academic performance and social interactions.”

Dentistry & You warns that untreated tooth decay can lead to an abscess, a type of oral infection that could necessitate emergency room treatment and can sometimes be fatal. In response, Woodlawn Kids Dental suggests, “To avoid such dire consequences, it’s crucial that parents prioritize their children’s oral hygiene and ensure regular dental checkups. Our responsibility as children’s dentists extends to fostering a positive attitude towards oral health in our young patients.”

Lastly, the article mentions that a missing primary tooth can cause permanent teeth to erupt in the wrong places or in poor alignment, potentially leading to orthodontic treatment. Commenting on this, Woodlawn Kids Dental adds, “Preserving the health of primary teeth is key to proper alignment of permanent teeth. Ensuring a well-aligned set of teeth could save your child from undergoing orthodontic treatment later.”

In conclusion, Woodlawn Kids Dental strongly supports the insights shared by Dentistry & You, emphasizing the need for heightened attention toward our babies’ teeth. As dedicated children’s dentists, we encourage preventive dental care, including regular dental cleaning and checkups, to safeguard the oral health of our youngest generation.

“A child’s dental care journey starts with the first tooth. Understanding the value of maintaining the health of primary teeth is crucial for parents,” Woodlawn Kids Dental insists. “By ensuring regular dental checkups and cleanings, parents can significantly mitigate the risk of oral health issues in their children.”

The article by Dentistry & You sheds light on a prevalent but often overlooked issue — the oral health of baby teeth. We at Woodlawn Kids Dental stand behind their sentiments and are committed to emphasizing the necessity of early and consistent dental care for children.

We want to end on this note: “Children’s dentistry is not just about treating issues as they arise; it’s about prevention, education, and fostering a positive relationship between kids and their oral health. We want to equip parents, guardians, and children with the knowledge and habits to keep them smiling brightly well into adulthood.”

We firmly believe that with the proper dental care, guidance, and attention, we can change the statistics around children’s oral health and ensure a healthier future for our children.

At Woodlawn Kids Dental, we’re dedicated to making this vision a reality, one child at a time. In response to the insights shared by Dentistry & You, we reiterate the importance of early intervention, routine exams, dental checkups and dental cleanings, and proper oral hygiene habits to maintain the vitality of our children’s smiles.

In light of these points, let’s give our babies’ teeth the attention they deserve because they indeed need more care than we think.

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