Did You Know These Surprising Facts About Children’s Oral Health?

Dental health is an essential aspect of general well-being, especially for children. This press release will discuss some surprising and often overlooked facts about children’s oral health. We will base our commentary on insights from Colgate’s article titled ‘Surprising Oral Health Facts About Children’ and provide expert perspectives from the team at Woodlawn Kids Dental. (Source: Colgate, Surprising Oral Health Facts About Children, medically reviewed by Colgate Global Scientific Communications, January 9, 2023, https://www.colgate.com/en-us/oral-health/kids-oral-care/surprising-oral-health-facts-about-children# ).


Tooth Decay: A Common Childhood Disease

The article highlights that tooth decay is a prevalent disease among children, affecting kids aged 5-11, 12-19, and particularly those from low-income families.

Woodlawn Kids Dental notes, “Tooth decay in children is unfortunately widespread. It’s essential to take preventive measures like regular dental checkups and proper oral hygiene from a young age to mitigate this issue. We work with families to ensure their children understand the importance and positive impact of regular brushing and flossing to maintain their oral health.”

The First Dentist Appointment: Sooner Than You Think

The first dental visit may surprise many parents, as it is recommended to occur earlier than most anticipate.

As per the professionals at Woodlawn Kids Dental, “It’s a common misconception that kids need to see a dentist only when their full set of teeth has come in. In reality, we encourage the first ‘happy visit’ as soon as the child’s first tooth appears. This helps to familiarize children with the dental clinic environment and allows for early detection and prevention of potential dental issues.”

Mouthrinse: Not Recommended for Kids Under Six

The article from Colgate also brings attention to the fact that mouthrinse is not advised for children under the age of six.

Echoing this, Woodlawn Kids Dental comments, “Young children may have difficulty in avoiding swallowing mouthrinse, which can be harmful. Instead, we recommend parents focus on teaching their children proper brushing and flossing techniques.”

Sports: A Leading Cause of Dental Injuries

One surprising fact mentioned in the Colgate article is that sports are a leading cause of dental injuries among children.

Woodlawn Kids Dental, recognizing the importance of dental protection during physical activities, states, “It’s crucial to ensure your child wears mouth guards, especially sports mouth guards for kids when engaging in any sporting activities. This protective gear is a simple and effective way to prevent many dental injuries.”

Developing Good Oral Hygiene Habits: Key to Prevention

Lastly, the Colgate article underscores the importance of instilling good oral hygiene habits in children from an early age.

Woodlawn Kids Dental adds, “Early education about oral care is vital. Kids’ oral care routine should not just be about cleaning the teeth but also about understanding the importance of oral health. This will help them to develop a lifetime of good oral hygiene habits.”


In conclusion, children’s oral health is a complex area that demands care, attention, and a proactive approach from both parents and dental professionals. This press release was meant to shed light on some of the less-known aspects of kids’ oral health. The insights provided by the experts at Woodlawn Kids Dental are a valuable resource for any family striving to maintain their child’s oral health. Do not hesitate to contact your local dental professionals for more detailed guidance.

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